I was flown out to Oregon

“Set goals

stay quiet about them

smash the shit out of them

clap for your dam self


compete every day”

It feels really good to be able to say that. And I was not only hired on for a new client, but that I was flown out to help out first hand at the event I helped out with remotely. Did I mention I was only hired on a little over 3 weeks ago? For 4 weeks I teased and only told a handful of friends, and every single one of those friends were not only happy for me, but proud! They all said I deserved it and that was a hard pill to swallow, not because it wasn’t true… because I always belittle myself into believing I don’t. But I did deserve it, I’ve worked my butt off the last year to get myself where I can showcase all of my work and that my elevator pitch is honed in. “I am a freelance photographer and designer who specializes in content creation and business development.” Of course there is some elaboration there because some people have no idea what any of that means, but that’s when I look at them, smile and say “I make shit happen.” They get it.

Now I think you guys are here for what the heck I actually did in Oregon and not for my happy thoughts and prose. So here it goes:

I took pictures, checked off names, drove an old Ford truck (because I was the only other one on the team who could drive a stick, thank you hunny for making me look like a badass), took more pictures, played with smoke bombs, sat in the middle of a motocross track and took pictures through a 70-200mm (soooo…. good considering we had a low flying plane come through in the middle of the race), rode on the back of a quad at incredible speed to reposition myself for said plane, made friends, and attempted to come up with a word for a Photographer Boner, enjoyed a few Golden Hours and the greenery that Oregon had to offer, drove through the woods, smiled enough to make my face hurt and met some phenomenal people who I’m proud to call friends now.

I know, it sounds like a lot of work, but ya know someone had to do it!

A lot of my work was done before the event and then followed up after the event. This was exciting work and in my books, a game changer for what my skill set can touch. Now with that being said, I won’t be taking on any more clients, besides photography sessions, because the rest of the year will be used wrapping up projects, squeezing in a personal project or two and getting ready for the 2019 season for The Desert Race and The Revival House Official. Who’s team I’m so proud to be on. There’s lots up Ant’s sleeve and I cannot wait to make some seriously amazing things happen with this dream team.

So to wrap up my thoughts and reflections on that quote above, it’s good to stay quiet about your plans, but I found my strength in telling my close friends. Because even though I felt so good about the work that was being done, there was still a voice trying to tell me that I didn’t deserve it and that I was a fraud. Fuck that voice! I know there’s a lot of pride in my words above, but guys if you’re not proud of your own work who will be?