College vs Self Taught

A reoccurring theme that has come up recently is whether what’s best, going to college or taking an unconventional route. I’ve had a person recently ask about my background, a few videos were released by my favorite YouTubers talking about their view on this, and also personal research for my own continued education. I’ve mentioned that the college life wasn’t for me and have been for the most part, self-taught. Utilizing research, resources via YouTube, Skillshare, and some amazing courses that litter the inter-webs, as well as just getting out of my comfort zone. I’m currently keeping my eyes out for a mentor of sorts, but I’m letting that one happen on it’s own. All in all, I typically learn what interests me and keep knocking out my crazy ideas. It’s what works for me. Now I’ve seen what conventional education can do and boy, am I jealous. I wish it had worked out, but you play the hands you’re dealt and make best of any situation.

With that being said… college is not for every one, neither is doing everything yourself. But if you let something like not being able to afford education or be able to invest further in your career or skillset by picking up a free resource… you’re just making excuses!

“Where there is a will, there’s a way”

It really is that simple. If you want it, you will make every effort to make it happen. If you don’t want it, you’ll create every excuse possible.

  • Too tired— discipline and find time!

  • Not enough time— ha! Make it! Wake up early, take an hour at the end of the day, use 20 mins from your lunch time… find the time and invest in yourself!

  • No money— free resources! Library! YouTube! Google it and you will find it!

  • I don’t know what I want to do— ok, here’s a good one…

If you have no idea what to even google, or where to start let me tell you what I did…


Really! I looked back on things that I always wanted to learn how to do, and learned it! I used what I liked and what I was into to dabble in and learn as much as I can. I even used my unhealthy addiction to social media to understand it and harness it into healthy output for my work. I used the cards dealt and made shit happen. Now don’t get me wrong, I got in my own way at times and still continue to do so. You tend to get down that it’s not happening fast enough and panic. And that’s ok, go through the motions and get out of your own way. With my many connections and projects that have happened this year, everything that was meant to be WAS and what didn’t work out, was a learning opportunity.

I am farther along than I was last year, and that’s the point, right? Growth and figuring it out. Seeing what fits and what doesn’t. In the end, make your story great by defining your own path, whether it’s conventional or not, just don’t make excuses and get out of your own way!