What are my Goals?

It’s been almost a month since writing my last creative prompt, but I will mention that it’s been a mixture of busy and just getting shit done. I’ve been wanting to write but have been finding myself more apt to read. Which is fine. I let my mind take what it needs, there is no reason to force a writing when the words are still brewing. Or maybe it’s because the thoughts are elsewhere, in the many tasks that need to get done. Whatever it was, I’m here now. Just letting the words type out of me.

But back to the prompt, what are my goals. A question I’ve actually been mulling over since I’m closing a chapter as of today. Sending in my final invoice for administrative work. Assisting work. Work that I have found myself moving away from because of how much worth my time has now. Now that I think I have found my niche or my niche has finally settled around me. Photography and creating things with friends and family. Helping them create things, making shit happen. I’m a fucking fish and I cannot sit still for fear of drowning, that's a fact. And so instead of finding normality in regular work, I have found that I thrive in moving from one project to another. Things finding me or me knocking on some random door. What I’ve learned is that what comes for me is meant for me and what is not, I shouldn’t go chasing after it….. unless I really really want it. Because bitch, you better believe I can manifest some awesome shit.


My goals as of now are…

To enjoy the life being presented to me, to ride the ride of uncertainty.

To teach my children as best as I can and let them make decisions that are best for them.

To keep learning and expanding on my skills.

And to make sure that the influence I have been blessed with, is positive and nurturing.