2019, I'm coming for you.

So I’ve hit the 2019 year with a running start, followed by a metaphorical fall with some emotional bumps and bruises… then some more running and I got some air and started flying a bit. Gotta love the roller coaster we call life and I am so grateful for every second of it.

This weekend was epic. I have had a steady stream of work and projects this month, and with making it a point to go out to LA on a monthly basis for fun and shooting opportunities, I took full advantage during this trip and stacked up my few days there. To the point where I was so mentally and physically exhausted I napped in my car before driving back home to surprise the family, which was totally worth it. I met some incredible people, hung out with such rad souls and got so much adventure in that I will be day dreaming about it for a while.

It all got me thinking this morning as I tear through the photos from this weekend that I am on a good path to making 2019 my B*tch. (ha ha, #sorrynotsorry). It took a bit to get out there and it didn’t come without some bumps during the trip, but to look back on and take everything in I’m on cloud 9 that I’m creating something in such an amazing city. The connections and opportunities will keep on coming, if I use my magic and make shit happen. Getting out of my own way and trusting my own power and moxie was in itself a kick in my ass. I am creating what I want to accomplish in 2019. Surrounding myself with people I find inspiring, badass and genuine was such a boost that I’m looking forward to planning my next trip out, which may be mid Feb or early March for those who are wondering. I may sneak over for a day trip though, the city has its hold on me to stay away for too long.

I keep mentioning what I want to accomplish for 2019, so if you’re curious here is a bit of it:

  • Palm Springs Life - this has been a goal for a while. I want my work to be featured in the magazine in some way, with the final goal of shooting something exclusively for them.

  • 2 Major US Cities to travel to - NY, is for sure happening in October and I want to either go to New Orleans or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Mostly for fun, but I will be planning a shoot or two during my time spent there.

  • Shoot every day - or as much as possible.

  • Make more connections - I’ve noticed this is a big one for my storytelling, ideas, inspiration, and motivation. It is so wonderful to be able to connect with someone and be able to pull a story or random inspiration. This also gets me out of the safety net of my comfort zone.

  • Bring my darkness to life - ok this might seem a little emo, but I have had some pretty dark art inspired photo ideas that I have been worried that it is too much to ever see the light of day. But this year… they will come to life and I can’t wait for you to see them.

  • Get the motorcycle fixed up - it’s happening, I’ve had my taste of what it feels like to be on a bike and I am ecstatic that I will get to have that for my own some time this year.

  • Get a ritual for my work and mornings - I have so much I want to do that I need to find a better rhythm for it. It’s a work in progress, but once I harness this skill… watch out world!