My friend Ana

Ana is a hustler, a getter, an achiever, and there is no one that can tell her what to do… and that’s why I love working with her. She’s one of those rare people I have found to be able to talk shop and follow through with an idea. Our story starts back in 2011, when I was working as an Administrative Assistant at a 55+ Community. She was running a small salon/spa in the main building and I was working the front desk. I don’t remember how we got from knowing OF each other to working WITH each other, it happened so fast. I think it was a root touch up, but we quickly planned photos for her new stylists and helping her organize her client books into an online resource. I ended up helping her move her from the little space to her own salon off S Indian Canyon Drive. Now here we are 7 years later, still working together to bringing her ideas to life. We have gone through 2 rebrandings, countless amount of flyers and menus, fun photoshoots and a friendship that will last a lifetime. I have so much love for this ambitious woman and I am so grateful to call her a friend.

Ana Cetina is the owner and stylist at Cetina Salon & Apothecary in downtown Palm Springs. Her shop truly is one-of-a-kind in this area, where we are health conscious about our bodies, but she brings it to our hair, skin and nails. Ana offers hair color that is toxic-free, facials that are all natural, treatments that are customized and made with real and sometimes raw ingredients, essential and infused oils, and locally harvested herbs and flora. The apothecary area of her craft is still in refinement, but her knowledge and her natural ability with the healing properties of plants and oils is amazing to experience first hand. She can take your ailment and offer you a natural remedy, at a steal, and will even show you how to mix it at home. Doing this because she believes that everyone should know how to create a natural remedy at a low cost.

Being able to create these things at home is great, but you will be missing out on the experience and connection with Ana that she offers when customizing, and hand mixing, a remedy just for you. Now Ana isn’t one to believe in magick or the witchiness of her craft, but to see her mixing and creating something that actually heals is Magic. It’s a craft that we can trace our medical roots to, taking from the land and using it to heal. Oils, herbs, flowers, clay, and so many other offerings that she transforms into something that’s great for the body and spirit. And I invite you to check out her shop, make an appointment with her for your skin and hair needs. And yes, she does hair, amazing and beautiful hair that is just as customized and made just for you as her natural remedies.