Being Nice Sucks

I am typically a very nice person. I give a lot of myself and share even more. I will even share things that I have worked hard to achieve. I share my knowledge with those who care to listen and share tips of the trade for those who want to learn a bit more. I share my tools. And sometimes I will give things away because I see a need and I have more than I need.

I’ve noticed that it throws people off though. Like any thing nice is tainted in some way, which of course is just the time we’re living in. We question anything good that comes in our life, to the point where we will kill it before you realize that it was just a genuinely nice thing that was being done.

Now why the f*ck should I share? I don’t have to. I can be the mean girl that most people consider me to be. Keep all this good for nothing knowledge to myself and never share. But that goes against everything I believe in.


So picture of group of people walking in a trench. They come up to a wall that is impossible to climb on their own, and some try. There is one person that teeters over to the wall, volunteering himself for others, and starts boosting people up and over. One by one they put a foot in clasped hands, a hand steadying on the person’s back or shoulder and they are boosted over the obstruction. Some throw over their packs, some hand it over to the person waiting at the top of the wall. The one’s that are struggling to make it over by themselves give up and reluctantly take the helping hand or they stubbornly find their own way. In the end there is this one that’s just been giving their body to help, too tired to try and jump over. You would think that this person would look down the empty trench and give up, no one there to help them. But here’s the thing about giving when that is all you have, eventually you dust yourself off and you look up and usually, there are people there waiting to help you out when you need it.


I would say that this is my main reason for helping and sharing, but there is so much more to it. I believe that it is a dog eat dog world and we are stronger as a whole than we are separated. And that means across all platforms, business, political, and just being a human. We all need each other in more ways than one. We cannot eat without the farmer, the harvester. We cannot see without the artists, the seers. And we can’t make shit happen without lending a hand and using information against each other. We need each other.

So if I give a bit of myself or knowledge to you, know that I do so lightly. I share with you because I genuinely want to and because I see a good person. I give in the hopes that you will keep it going.