What does #makeshithappen mean to me?

I say it a lot, but what is it exactly? Where did it come from? And why do I say it?

It is a mantra for me now, but it was a term I used when I introduced myself to a large group of women that I had helped get together. In my head, I knew this introduction was going to happen, but it was in the midst of me trying to figure out what I actually did where it came up… “I just make shit happen.” I had a wide variety of skills that I would sum up as an Assistant,. But I did so much more. I helped get an idea into action, I help organize, I see what friends want to do and give them something tangible; a flyer, a website, a logo, a secretary, an organizer of stuff, a photographer, a designer, anything. I could figure out the big picture and break it up into something I could make happen. I was a creator… am a creator. And I will honestly say that I love saying it.

I #makeshithappen.

Because that’s exactly what I do, in a nutshell I make things happen. I have had a wide variety of jobs, and it’s funny how they all taught me something and I have been able to funnel it into a career. Life lessons, addictions (to social media), work experience, and passions have lead me to what I do now and have built a career out of.

I am a content creator who specializes in Branding and Social Media Strategy. I create brands for businesses who don’t have a clear identity. I refine websites that need to say a little more. I can help you figure out a strategy for your business to market yourself like the badass business it is. And, I just #makeshithappen, but empowering you to just get started.

Now if the term #makeshithappen offends, well then #sorrynotsorry. You are not my target market. I want to work with people who need a little kick in the ass to make their dreams come true. I want to work with people who need a little spit shine to get their sparkle back. And I want to work with people who have a fire up their ass, that’s just looking for someone to believe in them and their idea.

So please reach out if you’re in the market for a boost in your business, and check out my website if you’re still wondering what I actually do.