Now vs Tomorrow

Mondays are great for changes, resets and new starts. So is the 1st of the year/month/season. Tomorrows are good too. Nows though… those are hardest to start anything new. You know you want to make that first step towards something potentially awesome, but not right now. That’s scary, tomorrow is definitely better.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had this conversation with myself in the past year, or even month. I’ve been wanting to make some changes to my morning routine: to get up earlier, no phone for the 1st hour,  journal and complete a few tasks before the kids get up. I have gotten as close as to charging my phone in the living room overnight, so the phone isnt the first thing I grab, and getting up for sunrise, sometimes. I get stuck out there on my phone, on the game of scroll. Ugh.. I mean that’s a good step forward from sleeping in till 8. But I want more, I want to make more happen and I need more time for these things. As I’ve mentioned before, I listen to good amount of podcasts, watch a lot of motivational speakers on youtube, read blogs about all types of personal and business growth.

Sidenote: As I’m typing this I realize that it shows it the way I speak to people. I’m sorry friends for turning into your personal Oprah/Tony Robbins. I mean well, and I love you guys and I just know that you all deserve the very best out of life.

Ok so why am I wasting your time with this ramble. It's this: it’s ok to try your best and not do it all. Just make a small step forward towards your goal, and that in itself helps with the big picture. When you feel comfortable, push on that uncomfort again. Sometimes we find ourselves making strides towards our goals without even realizing. Between, GaryVee, Will Smith, Mel Robbins, and my many videographer youtube mentors… I can tell you one thing, it’s all in that first step. Even if it’s just writing down a plan, a goal, reaching out to someone. Or you get out of bed at the right time to do all the things, but only have a cup of coffee to yourself. Or printing out that application. Or asking what you need to get that job or promotion. It could be anything, but it all starts with one step toward it.

I wanna do ALL the things, and I know I eventually will. But right now I’m just making sure my family is ok, my mind is ok and I'm making steps towards something career wise. Everything else has been falling into place on it's own. Just one step at a time.

So don't be scared of now, embrace it. Make it feel like a runner gun, a racing start flag, the gate coming down and just go for it. Because what's the worst that can happen? You fail, you learn, you grow or you succeed, you learn and you prosper. But ya know, tomorrow is good too.