My Friend Julie


Julie Taylor is an artist, a mother, a wife, half of the amazing duo of Scratch&Line, and one of my super great best friends. She’s been recently thriving in the world of ceramics, creating pieces that reflect naturally toned raw materials we can find in the desert. Rusts, dust and textured like our boulders and Joshua Trees. You would think that the high desert has claimed her, and in a way, it has but she calls Irvine home… for now.

I became friends with Julie much like most relationships are built upon nowadays, a friend suggestion on Facebook and a common factor. At the time, we were both on our way out of our roller derby lives and growing babies in our bellies. When I found out, I reached out and gave new meaning to “girllll… me too.” We bonded over the magical and not so magical time of baby growing. After giving birth, we lost touch, busy with now baby feedings, poops and everything in between. But kept our connection by liking each other’s random posts. Until she came to visit Joshua Tree.

As soon as I saw that she was in my neck of the woods I DMd her (not weird at all) and asked what she was up to and if we could meet up. To my surprise, she said yes, and we made a date for La Copine’s breakfast that same morning (I think). She had been visiting with a friend who owns a homestead out in 29, healing up and enjoying the fantastic weather Spring often blesses us with. We waited around for our table with coffee in hand and catching up and figuring out how we became friends. It was such an unexpected and instant connection with this soul. We looked alike and our energy bounced off each other in a giddy way. Her friend Kelly, a girl who could easily be mistaken for Tank Girl if she was wearing the right garb, but who’s cool calmness and mysterious vibe just made you want to know more.

I sat there at a table, nervous as hell but so excited to meet and connect with these deep creative souls, and of all day’s Mother’s Day. Since then, we’ve cheered each other on from our corners of California. Connecting when we can, but most importantly checking in with each other when the times aren’t too great. It’s funny, but when the days are bad for me she has a way of timing her “hey what’s up” for these exact moments. We’ve kinda become each other’s unofficial cheerleaders and I am certain, if it wasn’t for her encouragement I wouldn’t be creating as much as I am now.